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Recipe #7 - Lamb Gorton

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Lamb Gorton

2 lb loosely ground lamb or pork
2 cups water

1. Put ground meat in a large saucepan, and gently break it up into smaller pieces. Cover with 2 cups water, and set the heat to 3/10 (160F). Stir gently.

2. Stir the meat every 15 minutes and watch the water level in the saucepan. When the water is mostly gone (scoop out a hole in the middle to check) stir in allspice to your liking and check back every 5 minutes. When there's mainly just fat left, the mixture will sizzle a little when you stir, meaning it's ready to take off the heat.

3. Take the saucepan off of the heat, cover, and let cool for 15 minutes before spooning the mixture into containers. After the gorton is packed in containers, push down with a spoon to evenly distribute the fat. Make sure to scrape any remaining fat out of the pan to drizzle on top.

Serving Suggestions:
This meat spread is usually enjoyable with mustard and/or pickles as a breakfast treat or quick snack. Crackers or toast are also great with it, but completely optional if you are on a low carb diet. I find that with this current recipe, mustard is all I need, because it is packed with flavor. It can be enjoyed hot or cold.

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