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Recipe #6 - Flank Steak Sous Vide

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Flank Steak Sous Vide

2 lb one-piece flank steak
extra virgin olive oil
soy sauce
nigori sake
lemon/lime juice

1. Preheat water to 135F with your sous vide of choice.

2. Pour a small amount of each liquids into a gallon sized ziploc bag and gently shake to mix.

3. Lightly salt the steak, then add it to the bag.

4. Spread the marinade around on the steak, and pour out some of the excess.

5. When the water is ready, lower the steak into the water and slowly seal the bag shut as air escapes. Hold the zip of the bag just barely above the water surface for maximum air sealage before final zip. Clip to the sides of the pot.

6. After 6 hours, remove the steak and pat dry, then lightly season with herbs (optional).

7. Open the windows and turn on the vent fan.

8. Using butter or light olive oil over med-high heat, sear the steak for 30 seconds at a time on each side until it looks golden brown. Make sure to sear the edges as well.

9. Serve on a plate and cut against the grain.

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