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Dream #1 - The Creative Night Thing


A family with a single parent moved into a new home, and on one of their first nights a mysterious red-handled tool appeared on the table. The tool had a screwdriver on one end and a pen on the other end. The tool came with a note that said, simply, "Draw what you desire, but seek refuge in the night." The teenage daughter turned it over in her hands, pondering the meaning of such a tool, then put it in her pocket and finished unpacking for the rest of the evening. When the clock struck 10pm, however, a strange monster came into the house and started searching every room. Frightened, the family hid away in closets and under blankets, hoping the monster wouldn't find them. The monster eventually found the closet the daughter was hiding in, and pounded on the door repeatedly, which caused a small hole to crack in the door so the monster could peer inside. The daughter, terrified, was unsure of what to do, but quickly recalled the note that the tool came with. She drew a sketch of the monster flying away with wings, and shoved it towards the hole in the closet door. The monster sighed, grew wings, and vanished.

The next day, the red-handled tool mysteriously disappeared. The family was in a panic but hoped it would be a one-time thing, so they went about their daily business for a week. When the week was up, the tool re-appeared with that very same note, and they were horrified. However, the daughter reasoned that the monster was only coming for the tool and whatever they drew. She set about drawing a few basic items they could use in the house at first, then put the drawings on the table with the note and tool. They all hid in closets and under blankets like before, waiting to see what would happen when night fell. Sure enough, the monster wandered about until it found the tool and drawings, and created elaborate versions of the drawings which it placed in the kitchen before leaving with the mysterious tool. The family woke up the next day and was amazed at the newly created items. They were still nervous about the existence of the monster, but decided the pros outweighed the cons and continued living at the house. Periodically, the mysterious red-handled tool would return, and the daughter would draw whatever they needed at that point in time, careful not to be too greedy.

Over the years, the daughter of the family grew to be a great artist, and continued living at the house long after the rest of the family moved away. Sometimes she would leave out snacks for the monster, grateful for its gifts, even though it was nerve-wracking to sleep in the closet whenever the monster showed up. After several decades, however, she was old and tired. For her final drawing with the red-handled tool, she drew a coffin, and passed away in her own bed with the door open. The monster came, saw her holding the tool and drawing, and went to work.

The next day, there was an absolutely beautiful coffin in the front yard, and inside of it was the famous artist in a dress made from all the sketches she had drawn for the monster over the years. She looked peaceful and serene, as if thankful for a well-lived life. The house quickly had a new For Sale sign, ready for the next occupants...


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